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Summers in Kodiak Alaska

 Purchase Print Here This summer is the first in my life that I won’t be visiting Kodiak Island and I didn’t expect to be longing for home quite as much as I am. Kodiak Island is unprotected from the weather that rolls over the Gulf of Alaska. Its summers can be harsh and unforgiving. It is not uncommon for the island to be whipped with gale force winds, causing the ocean to violently crash upon our shores. Fog and rain can persist for weeks, putting everyone into a grumpy, hazy, funk. You are probably wondering why I am pining for this temperamental island quite so much. The answer to that question is sunny summer days. Print for Sale Here Sunny...

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My Crew

Griffing Design's wouldn't be able to run without the help of my four crew-members. They are a source of support and inspiration that keep me going day after day. I can't thank them enough for being there for me and my business whenever they are needed. Quinn: Quinn grew up in Kodiak, Alaska, the same town as me. He understands and shares the values that I built Griffing Designs on. Quinn is my technical support, proofreading expert, and assistant photographer. Any photo or video you see with me in, he was behind the camera. Whenever my computer is malfunctioning Quinn comes to the rescue and figures out the problem. He is always happy to proofread a page or a blog...

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My Product Flow

From somewhere in nature –> to my camera lens –> to your door I take a lot of pride in the process of designing and delivering products to my customers. Everything is done carefully and deliberately from spending hours taking photographs, to selecting ethical, quality manufacturers to create my products. After reading this blog post you will know exactly what to expect when ordering from Griffing Designs, LLC. It all starts with the foundation of my business: nature and outdoors. This is my favorite part of my product flow. I spend time in nature, letting the images I want to capture form before my eyes. Sometimes I take a photo with a specific product in mind. Sometimes a scene or...

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