Embracing Change


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Change is a difficult but it is a necessary challenge. Without change you cannot learn or evolve. Mother nature changes constantly. Every year she welcomes new life in the spring and bids old life farewell in the fall. 

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Fall is the busiest time of year for most people. Kids go back to school, large projects wrap up before the end of the year, and holiday preparations begin. With all the hustle and bustle of fall comes lots of change; children get older, careers move on, and family traditions evolve. Many people struggle with these changes. It is difficult to form new routines and adapt to new situations but fighting it rarely does any good.

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Mother nature provides a wonderful example of how to embrace change during the busiest parts of our lives. She is at her most vibrant in the fall when she is changing the most. Plants are dying and animals are going dormant for winter but instead of hiding from this inevitable cycle she puts on a glorious grand finale. She lights up her world with bright and cheery colors and provides us all with plenty to be thankful for as we head towards winter.  

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The photos and products in this post remind you to follow mother nature’s example and accept and celebrate change instead of fighting it.

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