Fall on Kodiak Island

Kodiak Alaska does not have a typical fall. The island has mostly evergreen trees, leaving it lacking the iconic images of brightly colored leaves. Summer in Kodiak turns into winter almost overnight. If you blink, you will miss fall entirely. However, if you watch closely you can catch a uniquely beautiful variation of the season.

 Fall Tapestry

We know that fall has arrived on Kodiak Island when the last blossoms at the top of the fireweed flowers bloom. Shortly after this, the nights start to get cold. The lush green foliage covering the mountains turns golden brown as it dies in the season’s first overnight frosts. This dried foliage lights up gloriously in the setting sun.

 Pushki Pillow

For a few short weeks, the mountains shine with beautiful golden light. Then, the first dustings of snow cover the tops of the mountains. Before we know it, the mountains are completely covered in white powder and winter has arrived. 

Eagle Tote Bag

The photos and products in this post remind you to appreciate your fall, no matter how quickly it goes by. 

Fall Skirt