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My Product Flow

From somewhere in nature –> to my camera lens –> to your door

I take a lot of pride in the process of designing and delivering products to my customers. Everything is done carefully and deliberately from spending hours taking photographs, to selecting ethical, quality manufacturers to create my products. After reading this blog post you will know exactly what to expect when ordering from Griffing Designs, LLC.

Through My Lens on Kodiak Island

It all starts with the foundation of my business: nature and outdoors. This is my favorite part of my product flow. I spend time in nature, letting the images I want to capture form before my eyes. Sometimes I take a photo with a specific product in mind. Sometimes a scene or pattern just catches my eye and I snap a photo with no particular plan for it. These unplanned photos often turn into my favorite products.

Not every photo I take fits every product. I don’t “mass produce” my products, using the same photo file to create many products at once. I crop, edit and adjust to ensure each design is optimized for the product it will be printed on. Some photos work wonderfully for many different products and you will see them offered across my website. Others are only suited for one or two items and they are offered accordingly.

Pyramid Lake Tapestry Purchase Tapestry Here

All of the product photos you see on my website are computer mockups. I create the mockups with the exact same image files I submit to my manufacturers. This way what you see on the mockup is exactly what will come out of the box when it arrives on your doorstep. Putting my photos onto computer mockups is my second favorite part of the product flow. I get to see the design I envisioned when taking the photo come to life. The mountain wall tapestry above is from a trip to Jasper, Alberta. 

Griffing Designs Manufacturers

After you place an order with Griffing Designs I send the necessary files to my manufacturers. Each item is made to order. I strive to make Griffing Designs, LLC as sustainable as possible. Because of this I never carry inventory, ensuring that no product is wasted. As soon as the manufacturer receives the files from your order, they get to work on creating the product just for you.

Once an item is completed it is packed and sent directly from the manufacturer to your door. I drop ship for two reasons. First, I want you to get your order as quickly as possible, and drop shipping saves a lot of time. Second, I want my products to make as little environmental impact as possible and drop shipping directly to you lessens transportation waste. 

You’ve got mail! You open the box to find your products by Griffing Designs. Custom made, just for you. This is another part of the process that I love. Send me a photo of you using your new item. I love to see the outfits and home décor that my customers integrate my products into.

If you have any questions about ordering from Griffing Designs, LLC please let me know in the comments.