Ocean Friends

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You are never alone when you are out on the ocean. There is always thriving life surrounding you; in the sea below, and the sky above. It’s easy to let sea life go unnoticed when you are focused on reaching a destination or catching your limit of fish. However, if you stop and observe you can often learn a thing or two from sea life.

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Puffins nest on cliff-sides and spend their days in the sea below, eating candlefish and playing in the waves. Puffins provide great entertainment with their hilarious antics. One will steal fish right out of another’s mouth. Then the chase is on! The victim will angrily run across the water after his lost snack, his bright red feet flailing behind. Puffins will dive down from the sky and plop into the water right next to a peacefully sleeping friend, dousing the resting bird with cold sea water. Then they take off again, zooming away to cause trouble elsewhere. These little birds remind you to find joy in your everyday life.   

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Sea otters are one of the few animals, other that humans, that are known to use tools. When a sea otter collects its food, it hides it in a pouch of skin on its front legs. It then swims to the surface and lounges on its back while using rocks to break open shells, and crabs to eat. These smart and adorable animals feast while relaxing on their backs in the ocean. Can you think of a better way to enjoy a meal? Sea otters remind you to take time out of your busy life to kick your feet up and have a snack once in a while.

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Humpback whales are always a welcome sight on the ocean. They guide boats to schools of salmon and provide incredible entertainment as they breach and dive to feed. We put a lot of trust in these massive creatures. They could capsize our boats with a flick of their tails if they wanted too, but they don't. Humpback whales have a kind and peaceful aura. They remind you that just because something is bigger and more powerful than you, does not mean it has to be controlled or conquered. You can simply appreciate that you are one tiny part of the beautiful world we live in.

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The photos and products in this post will remind you to stop and enjoy the sea life next time you are out on the ocean.