Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List

With the first day of spring fast approaching, you are probably ready to shed those winter layers, crawl out from under the covers, and get outside! I know I am. I have been going through lots of old photos as I get ready for the season and it has me excited for fresh air and flowers.

Between my urban farm, full time job, family, and Griffing Designs, my life is incredibly busy in the most wonderful way. I have to plan ahead to prevent things from falling through the cracks. As I plan out my spring, I make sure to leave time for some much-needed fun in the sun, and you should too. Below is my spring bucket list. I hope it inspires you to join me outside. If it does, tag #griffingdesigns in your posts, I would love to see the fun you are having!

Drink Tea on the Porch – Do this early in the spring when the mornings are still cold. Tea on the porch is the perfect way to greet the day. The hot tea will warm you while you sit and watch the sun rise.

Walk Under the Cherry Blossoms – These beautiful little flowers turn winter to spring in an instant when they bloom. The trees are suddenly vibrant with colorful life. As you walk beneath the cherry trees petals will fall softly in the breeze and float gently to the ground around you. The sights and smells of spring will envelope your senses, helping you fully embrace the season.   

Plant a Garden – Spring is a time for new life. Why not join the fun by planting a garden? It doesn’t have to be huge or high maintenance, just a few of your favorite flowers at the edge of the yard or in a pot on your porch will make you smile when they bloom and have a positive impact on your world.

Walk Barefoot in the Rain – Spring rains are needed for the plants and animals to thrive. Celebrate the cycles of life by kicking off your shoes and walking barefoot in the rain. Splash in a mud puddle and feel rejuvenated by a pedicure from nature.  

Pick Wildflowers – The final item on my list is a two in one. Getting to a good location to pick wildflowers will take you away from civilization and allow you to appreciate spring in a natural environment. Taking a bit of your walk with nature home and putting it in a vase will help bring your mind back to the peaceful calm walk you had when you were picking the wildflowers.

If you are looking to celebrate spring in your home, shop my spring collection. I use my photography to design practical items that bring the peace of nature into your everyday life.