My Story

My name is Laura Griffing Langfitt. I grew up in a tiny town, on an enormous island, in the Gulf of Alaska. Kodiak Island provided an upbringing that could not have been found elsewhere. I grew up fishing for salmon and halibut, foraging for berries, and growing as much of our own produce as possible. The community of Kodiak is very tight-knit. In times of both disaster and celebration everyone comes together in support. Growing up on Kodiak Island gave me strong values of appreciating the gifts of nature and supporting others in my community. These values inspired me to start Griffing Designs. 

Today I live in Sacramento, California with my husband, our dog, our cat, and our horse. We have a big vegetable garden and are dreaming of owning a small farm full of rescue animals someday soon. 


My Business

Griffing Designs was born in 2013 on a whim, one late summer night on Kodiak Island. My great grandmother owned her own hotel on Long Island in the 1800s and my childhood home is full of antiques from her hotel. I like to think her guidance led me to start Griffing Designs that night. Browsing through a folder of my photography, I began to wonder if I could sell my photos. Ten minutes later, my first Etsy shop was born. I knew nothing about how to be an online seller, or how to run a business. All I knew was that I was open! A year later, I dove headfirst into the world of design, using my photography as my inspiration. Since then, Griffing Designs has continued to grow, and my passion for photography and design has grown with it.

I use my nature photography as the foundation for my clothing and home decor designs. The goal of my products and designs is to help people bring elements of nature into their everyday lives. Each design is carefully created and manufactured at a professional printing lab. I work with five different labs in the United States and Canada to source sustainably and ethically produced products. All of my manufacturers abide by U.S. labor laws and standards. 

Griffing Designs is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. As a business born from a love of nature, it is important that I do my part to preserve the beautiful world we live in. Each product is made-to-order so that no resources are wasted creating excess inventory. All orders are shipped directly from the manufacturer to you in order to reduce transportation emissions. You will never receive any paper communications from Griffing Designs, as I operate entirely electronically to reduce paper waste. 

If you have any questions about Griffing Designs, LLC or my products please don’t hesitate to contact me