My Crew

Griffing Designs wouldn't be able to run without the help of my four crewmembers. They are a source of support and inspiration that keep me going day after day. I can't thank them enough for being there for me and my business whenever they are needed.


Quinn grew up in Kodiak, Alaska, the same town as me. He understands and shares the values that I built Griffing Designs on. Quinn is my technical support, proofreading expert, and assistant photographer. Any photo or video you see of me, he was behind the camera. Whenever my computer is malfunctioning Quinn comes to the rescue and figures out the problem. He is always happy to proofread a page or a blog post and is very patient when our hikes into photography adventures. This awesome guy is also my husband and I consider myself very lucky to have him in my life. 


Tank was our first rescue and has been with us for almost five years. He came from a family who only fed him table scraps. He was severely underweight and covered in fleas when they surrendered him. Tank is a smart dog. Somehow he knew his life with us would be different. He bonded with us instantly, sleeping at the foot of our bed on the first night we had him. He has slowly crept his way up over the years and now usually ends up stealing my pillow. 

Tank accompanies me on photography outings. He doesn't care if it's stormy, super early in the morning, or the middle of the night. He is always up for an adventure and loves exploring new places. Tank never complains if I am taking too long to set up a shot, he is just happy to be outside with me.  


Griffing Designs Crew, Grumpy

About two years after we got Tank, Quinn and I decided it was time to get him a buddy. We went to our local animal shelter looking for an older cat in need of a family. When we got to the shelter a striking young tabby kept crawling into our laps. We would put him down to meet the other cats and he would come right back. Grumpy picked us, clearly saying he wanted to be our cat. Shortly after we brought Grumpy home, we noticed he was limping. It turned out that he had a broken leg. All of the leg muscles had atrophied away and the veterinarian decided the best thing was to amputate the leg. Grumpy made a wonderful recovery and has adjusted to life as a tripod with ease. 

Grumpy is my office buddy. Whenever I am working at the computer Grumpy is nearby snoozing at my feet. If he decides I'm working too hard he puts himself between me and the screen, demanding I take a break and give him some love. He occasionally decides to do a bit of writing himself, so if you see any gibberish posted anywhere its just Grumpy doing a keyboard dance. 



Griffing Designs Crew DT

DT (Double Trouble) is the most recent addition to our crew. He came from Orphan Acres, a horse rescue in Viola, Idaho. I started volunteering at Orphan Acres in early 2016 and it changed my life. I knew nothing about horses when I started. Thanks to the patience and teaching of Brent Glover, the founder of Orphan Acres, I learned how to work with, and train horses. Over the course of a year I started DT under saddle and got him well on his way to becoming a wonderful trail horse. When the time came for DT to start meeting prospective adopters I realized I could not let him go. He is now an official member of our family.

Orphan Acres is a magical place. It is entirely volunteer-run and donor funded. The rescue has saved over 4,000 horses in 40 years. It also provides members of the public a unique opportunity to learn about horses and how to care for them. I want to give back to this wonderful organization that brought DT to me. My Support Rescue Horses page features images and stories of the horses at the rescue. All proceeds from sales of these items are donated to Orphan Acres.