Womens Mermaid Skirt

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These women's mermaid skirt features a macro photo of glistening sockeye salmon scales. Sockeye salmon are the backbone of the salmon industry in Alaska. They are the first salmon to hit our nets each season and usually the first fresh fish we taste all year. Sockeye salmon provide Alaskans a source of income, nourishment, and represent a subsistence way of life that our core values come from. Sockeye scales sparkle in the sunlight when they come out of the water and have a beauty that cannot be seen in anything else.

Product Details:
• Made of performance wear fabric that is manufactured with sustainable practices that uses 70% less water and energy than traditional fabric production
• Fits between mid thigh and knee depending on height
• Durable and stretchy for maximum comfort that retains its shape over time
• A stretchy elastic waistband makes this skirt very easy to move in
• Hand sewn and printed and will not fade after washing
• Care is easy! Machine wash cold, and tumble on low or hang to dry
• Made to order at a professional textile lab
• Processing time is currently 7-14 business days

• X-Small: Waist 24" Hips 35"
• Small: Waist 26" Hips 37"
• Medium: Waist 28" Hips 39"
• Large: Waist 31" Hips 42"
• X-Large: Waist 33" Hips 44"

Pencil skirt available upon request.

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